Sabbia - Company

Creativity. Design. Technology.

It was with this mission that we are born and it is through it that we are reaching the Brazilian market. Sabbia presents a new bathtub. The SANDSTONE technology never before used in the national market and with a patent pending application. The production started to operate from June 2010, when we feel that our history began to be written.

Aiming to bring the conception of the immersion bath into the houses, thus stimulating a moment of pleasure, embellishment, body care and rest, we studied a line of products with a strong relationship with nature.
Besides the unique sensation of touch the surface of our products, due to its smoothness, brightness and consistency, when you fill the bathtub you will hear a gentle sound of water lapping on the stone, which gives a pleasant feeling of tranquility and relaxation. By purchasing our products you will be opting for a new line offered in the market, whose production process consists of the absence of water consumption and low consumption of electricity, generating great savings of natural resources. Transmitted in each of our actions:



Creativity, design and technology in manufacturing of composite materials.


Be a recognized differentiated and successful company, rooted in the essence of people in productive technology, innovation, quality of its products, excellence of relationships, in harmony with nature and human society.


Sabbia was born guided by values that are transmitted in each of our actions:

Personality - encourages the development of people, respecting their individuality;
Meritocracy - appreciates the efforts oriented to different results;
Innovation - instigates the relentless search for novelty;
Responsibility - respect the coherence of thought, speech and action;
Sustainability - invests in actions that aim at sustainable development of the business together with the community;
Customer - qualifies the costumer as a point of strength success.